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**For local therapy appointments please call 1 855 900 4544 to schedule your Wolfe Non-Surgical Treatment to eliminate everything from wrinkles to pain. The reason why it works this way is because when we are working on the deeper muscles, ligaments and tendons we are increasing the micro and macro circulation to the superior tissues of the body thus, increasing the health and reversing the age of the tissue itself. When you release the deeper tissues you lengthen, strengthen, detox and tone.If you want to create change and you want to do it right now, then a Wolfe Non-Surgical Treatment is for you. We have the expertise, we produce amazing results again and again and we have a proven track record for over 30 years.


Wolfe Non-Surgical Certification


The Wolfe Non-Surgical Certification course is the only one of its kind when it comes to treating the pelvic area, abdomen, breasts and face. No other treatment goes deeper when it comes to chronic tissue and organ problems or delivers such long-lasting results when it comes to eliminating pain and tissue restoration.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when their skin begins to look older and their muscles begin to lose tone – a time when they search for a way to subtract or slow down the years that nature has added. Aging tends to break down the polymeric bonding that gives young skin its fresh, smooth appearance. Over time, scar tissue and crystallization build up within the muscles, decreasing circulation resulting in lack of muscle tone and premature aging. Poor diet, years of improper self-care and misguidance from professionals along with exposure to UV rays, frigid temperatures, high winds and environmental pollutants all contribute to the deterioration of skin and muscle tone.

This technique will open up and release fibroids, internal scar tissue, calcification, crystallization and body pain related to muscles and nerves. We also give in-depth training on the removal of scar tissue from C-sections, gall bladder, appendix or any other surgery that has created scar tissue adhesions and blockages.

The surface of the skin will reflect the structures supporting it and creating it. In this advanced Non-Surgical Certification course, we penetrate the deeper tissue and muscle layers of the face, abdomen, breast and pelvis to eliminate pain and scar tissue, thus restoring natural tone, youth and contour.

The Non-Surgical Certification will give you all the training you need on diet, nutrition, exercise and body care to help you, your clients and loved ones take personal action that gives them amazing results. 

*Wolfe Deep Tissue required as a pre-requisite.


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