Wolfe Deep Tissue Therapy Testimonials

For 6 weeks I was experiencing pain beneath my breast and I was terrified that I may have Cancer so I booked an appointment with Dr. Wolfe. To my relief he only found a build up of internal scar tissue and he gently broke it down using Wolfe Deep Tissue Therapy. Since then I have been pain free and Dr. Wolfe said it was probably caused from the wire in my bra. Who would have thought?
Shirley NPatient, Wolfe Deep Tissue Therapy
I first started having spasms in my neck & shoulder and I was treated with medication for relief. After 3 years of this condition I became Arthritic, and it makes me feel that I never got  the correct in the first place. Arthritis means a joint that has continual inflammation with  a build up of internal scar tissue, it’s not a disease. I now have Rheumatoid Arthritis which is and inflamed joint incorrectly treated that resulted in a large build up of internal scar tissue and degeneration. After six weeks of learning with Dr. Wolfe and getting his Wolfe Deep Tissue Therapy I was no longer in pain and had full range of motion back. Thank you Dr Wolfe!
Wendy PPatient, Wolfe Deep Tissue Therapy
I discovered ITIOH from the Truth About Cancer. I came to get a session because I had pain in both my shoulders. The treatment was really good, very professional. He really got in there deep and worked all the right spots that needed attention. Right after the treatment I could feel all the tight spots but hopefully over the next few days I will feel relief, which I know it will. I enjoyed it so much that my wife and I are now planning to come get trained so that we can treat each other.
Florian HPatient, Wolfe Deep Tissue Therapy
I went weekly to a Chiropractor for almost ten years for low back pain until I went see Dr. Darrell Wolfe where he used his elbow to break up the chronic internal scar tissue in three treatments and had me go on the Daily Cleansing Tea which was two years ago and I am still pain free.
David ZPatient, Wolfe Deep Tissue Therapy
In 2013 I was diagnosed with a herniated disc in my lumbar spine and was put on a wait list for my surgery. My brother in-law told me about a practitioner in Canada that was able to help a friend of his. I am pleased to say with the Wolfe Deep Tissue and guidelines from Dr. Wolfe I am not just surgery free but pain free. Thanks a bunch.
Helen GPatient, Wolfe Deep Tissue Therapy

I am a truck driver who was told I would have to give up my profession after almost twenty years. I own my own truck and I do very well for my self and having to quit would really hurt me financially. I was desperate and had never been into health but heard about the Weekend Warrior Training with Dr. Wolfe. That weekend changed my whole life. My wife and I returned to do Dr. Wolfe’s One On One Couples training and we have learned to master our lives as he teaches. And yes I am still a truck driver but a happy healthy one.

William BPatient, Wolfe Deep Tissue Therapy
I had abdominal surgery fifteen years ago which has caused me much abdominal pain and upset over the years. Between the Wolfe Deep Tissue Therapy and the Daily Cleansing Tea I am no longer haunted by this pain.
Freda JPatient, Wolfe Deep Tissue Therapy
I suffered from a muscle spasm in my neck for 11 months. I did chiropractics, physiotherapy, and acupuncture before I heard about Dr. Wolfe and his guaranteed Wolfe Deep Tissue Restoration technique. My spasm was the size of a grape on the right side of my neck and upon my first treatment within my occiput and shoulder the results proved no lump and no pain. This was the first time in 11 months of endurance and he said that most of the time the problem is not the location of the pain.
Rita MPatient, Wolfe Deep Tissue Therapy
I am now 79, and when I was 73 I was diagnosed with both arthritis and osteoporosis in my neck. I could no longer shoulder check when driving and I was afraid of not being able to. Dr. Wolfe said if I were to get his Wolfe Deep Tissue Therapy and follow at least %80 of his guidelines that it would never come back. To this day, shoulder checking is a breeze.
Peter HPatient, Wolfe Deep Tissue Therapy
When I was 11 years old I fell off of a barn and sprained both my ankles. I am now 58 and I was told that my ankles both have rheumatoid Arthritis. I have been to Physio and chiropractics off and on over the years in combination with pain medication. When I called Dr. Wolfe he said it was from my fall 47 years ago and that he would reverse it in 1–3 treatments with his Wolfe Deep Tissue Therapy. I was also offered a money back guarantee, and that's why I flew out to see him. It’s been three years and I am pain free and active. Thanks Doc.
James CPatient, Wolfe Deep Tissue Therapy