Wolfe Deep Tissue Therapy Testimonials

I have had pain in my hips and lower back pain for several years and was intrigued right away from other reviews I read and how much relief they experienced. This was my first treatment and although it was intense I could feel that this is what my body needed. I definitely feel much more relaxed! And have already booked my next session. I can say that I feel pretty confident that this is the relief I have been needing all this time!
Braeden T Patient Wolfe Deep Tissue
When I was 58 I was diagnosed with Tennis Elbow even though I never played tennis. I was a farmer all my life and when this hit, it really slowed me down. The medication prescribed by my doctor helped initially but it made me nauseous and eventually stopped working. I heard about Dr. Wolfe & his Wolfe Deep Tissue therapy and made an appointment to see him. It has been 9 months with just one treatment and I am still pain free.
Ralph TPatient, Wolfe Deep Tissue Therapy
I am now 79, and when I was 73 I was diagnosed with both arthritis and osteoporosis in my neck. I could no longer shoulder check when driving and I was afraid of not being able to. Dr. Wolfe said if I were to get his Wolfe Deep Tissue Therapy and follow at least %80 of his guidelines that it would never come back. To this day, shoulder checking is a breeze.
Peter HPatient, Wolfe Deep Tissue Therapy
I had abdominal surgery fifteen years ago which has caused me much abdominal pain and upset over the years. Between the Wolfe Deep Tissue Therapy and the Daily Cleansing Tea I am no longer haunted by this pain.
Freda JPatient, Wolfe Deep Tissue Therapy
I was in a car accident ten years ago and they had to put screws in my left ankle. For the last few years my ankle was stiff and I was scared I would re- brake it. I was scared to have Wolfe Deep Tissue but when I finally did I had full range of motion return the first treatment. All I can say is anybody that offers a full money back guarantee is worth my vote of confidence.
Laura SPatient, Wolfe Deep Tissue Therapy
I discovered ITIOH from the Truth About Cancer. I came to get a session because I had pain in both my shoulders. The treatment was really good, very professional. He really got in there deep and worked all the right spots that needed attention. Right after the treatment I could feel all the tight spots but hopefully over the next few days I will feel relief, which I know it will. I enjoyed it so much that my wife and I are now planning to come get trained so that we can treat each other.
Florian HPatient, Wolfe Deep Tissue Therapy
For 6 weeks I was experiencing pain beneath my breast and I was terrified that I may have Cancer so I booked an appointment with Dr. Wolfe. To my relief he only found a build up of internal scar tissue and he gently broke it down using Wolfe Deep Tissue Therapy. Since then I have been pain free and Dr. Wolfe said it was probably caused from the wire in my bra. Who would have thought?
Shirley NPatient, Wolfe Deep Tissue Therapy

I am a truck driver who was told I would have to give up my profession after almost twenty years. I own my own truck and I do very well for my self and having to quit would really hurt me financially. I was desperate and had never been into health but heard about the Weekend Warrior Training with Dr. Wolfe. That weekend changed my whole life. My wife and I returned to do Dr. Wolfe’s One On One Couples training and we have learned to master our lives as he teaches. And yes I am still a truck driver but a happy healthy one.

William BPatient, Wolfe Deep Tissue Therapy
Almost twenty years I suffered from what they called cluster migraines until I had reached my end with all the therapies and then I moved onto prescription drugs that made me into a zombie. My doctor said that I needed surgery to get the nerve cut in my neck if I ever wanted relief. I saw Dr. Wolfe on the international series ‘Quest for the Cures’ only weeks prior to my appointment. I live in the southern states of United States. I called Dr. Wolfe in Canada and I told him my story and he said with my Wolfe Deep Tissue and some training you can live a life without this problem. He was right no one needs to suffer when you remove the cause and are given the answers to heal yourself.
Jack CPatient, Wolfe Deep Tissue Therapy
I am a semi professional golfer and due to my years of playing I was told that I would need a knee replacement which by the way was not true after I had the chronic scar tissue broke down which restored my range of motion and relieved my pain. Since then I have referred six other colleague’s with conditions similar to mine that are singing Dr. Wolfe’s praises regarding his Wolfe Deep Tissue Restoration.
Dan RPatient, Wolfe Deep Tissue Therapy