Wolfe Deep Myofascial Release Testimonials

The Wolfe Deep Tissue Certification is fun & empowering. As a healer, I feel that the technique, style, teaching approach, and practical applications are easy, simple & effective on deep and profound levels. After the first week of my certification, I was working on my husband, Alva Wong, an elite athlete and international Dragon Boat Racing champion. He’s had his fair share of knots & scar tissue built up from his love for the sport. Within one session I was able to alleviate a 3-year pain caused by a deep knot within his shoulder blade. We were both blown away with the results as they showed me just how effective & powerful Dr. Wolfe’s Deep Tissue Therapy truly is. I am so grateful to Dr. Wolfe for the opportunity to learn this life-changing, life-enhancing skill. My practice is now more joyful for both me and my clients. It is a proven therapy that has worked every time.

Gratitude & Deep Appreciation

Selena Wong, B. Msc.Wolfe Deep Tissue
I was extremely excited to take the Wolfe Deep Tissue Restoration Certification course as I have had firsthand experience with Dr. Wolfe fixing my chronic pain! After trying every form of chiropractor, physiotherapy and massage therapy, Dr. Wolfe’s technique has been the only one to fix the root cause of my pain and has given me back full range of motion and freedom from pain. I chose to take his course so that I could help my family with their pain and healing but as a result I am eagerly excited daily to help others, who have pain like I did and realize that they don’t have to live with it. As I use the Wolfe Deep Tissue technique that Dr. Wolfe trained me in, I have had the opportunity to also solve chronic “Medical Mysteries” and provide pain relief to those who have also spent many years searching for something that really works! Be warned that mastering this technique will ultimately qualify you to fix scar tissue problems in all joints and soft tissues leading others to a pain-free life!
Joanna ChaseWolfe Deep Tissue Therapist
Being raised in and around the field of natural health and experiencing first-hand what people in recovery are capable of despite contracted lifestyles that are toxic  to a young vibrant expansive one, I knew I wanted to help people, to heal people. I was fortunate enough to be in and around the energy of Wolfe Deep Tissue at a young age so being able to embrace it 20 some odd years later and come full circle was magic. I was fortunate enough to work exclusively with Dr. Darrell Wolfe as he designed this course, in turn taking the Wolfe Deep Tissue Restoration Certification as well as being able to help assist in some areas was one of my most memorable and fulfilling moments to date. The Deep Tissue Restoration course removes internal scar tissue, crystallization and changes lives. One treatment is all it takes for increased range of motion and for anyone to realize Wolfe Deep Tissue is most certainly one of a kind.
Matt KingWolfe Deep Tissue Therapist
I have recently had the enjoyment and satisfaction of completing the Wolfe Deep Tissue Restoration course through Dr. Wolfe. This course is fun, up beat, but most of all a shining beacon of hope to those in pain. Whether it is muscle fatigue, joint pain, headaches, and the list goes on, I have been able to break down scar tissue and strengthen the muscle tissue that once was healthy and strong. Having this certificate has opened many doors for me and I have had numerous clients since I started my practice.
Anthony McPhateWolfe Deep Tissue Therapist
In 1992 my wife and I both completed the courses offered by the International Training Institute of Health. For my wife and myself the courses resulted in more than just a career change but rather initiated a permanent lifestyle. Chronic physical health issues from a previous car accident or even simple acute back or shoulder pain could easily be released. There are issues in the tissues. Physical and emotional issues thought impossible were released. Be for warned that taking this course may potentially open you up to a whole new approach to life. The supporting theory and technical support was substantial and the hands-on practical work proved to be priceless since we both were working professionally immediately after course completion. For yourself, your family and your community, it is a good investment for a healthier future and enhanced quality of life. Be Hope & Give Hope.
Paula Wood & Marcel WolfeWolfe Deep Tissue Therapist, PEMF Consultants/Holistic Bio Educators