Whole Life Coach Testimonials


The Whole Life Coach Certification has been a life changing experience. We have learned how to love ourselves so that we can heal and change bad belief systems that we have. We want to show others that there is another way to live if they choose to. This was our first time in Kelowna and we really enjoyed it. It is a beautiful city and the people have been great, helpful and polite. Watching some of his videos he seems very hard and serious but after getting to know him he is very down to earth. He treats you like a friend; he doesn’t treat you like he’s better than you, instead he treats you like an equal.

We would recommend this course to anyone who wants to make difference in his or her life. There are so many people that need to love themselves.

Lee-Ann & Ed ClementsWhole Life Coach

I saw him speak at the truth about cancer and he really spoke to me about self-love and being the best for the family and myself. Its been a very intense experience but one of great insight. He allows you to look within yourself and see how to become greater. He teaches you how to finally love yourself so that you can be a light for others. I would like to build my business with the intent to engage other souls to be in a place of self love and the empowerment and the course has given me the tools I need to be successful.

Dr. Wolfe has presented a laser-focused approach that doesn’t allow any room for error. My practice will ultimately be successful because of this. Staying here has been incredibly beautiful. It is quiet and the people of Kelowna are super nice. It is a rural environment and a great place to clear the mind for learning. I would recommend this course to everyone and I hope to bring my family up here for training for themselves.

Don’t let your fear keep you from engaging. If this course peaks your interest then don’t say no.

Mary StupinWhole Life Coach

Something resonated with me when I saw Dr. Darrell Wolfe giving a lecture at the health show last year. I really liked how he spoke the truth, and me being a practitioner of 20 years I wanted to learn more. I found that his brutal honesty is what I loved the most. He allowed me to look deep within myself in a loving way, and then he made me face the truth, which really helped me see the light.

The course has given me the tools I was missing and I recommend it to everybody regardless if you are a practitioner already, a mother, father, son, or a daughter. It doesn’t even matter what age you are. This is what I call true health.

I now intend to set myself first as a person first for more time finding true bliss, and then second, for my family and patients, because otherwise, what is it all about?

Ady StricklandWhole Life Coach

I went to the total health show in Toronto last year (2016) and listened to Dr. Wolfe speak. I am a vision board girl and I took his business card and stuck it on my vision board. After meeting the man of my dreams, I was unpacking one day and there it was staring at me from the past of my vision board. My recollection is what got me thinking, about the Whole Life Coach Certification Course. My friend agreed to join me, and before you knew it we were taking the course transforming ourselves.

My experience here has been very emotional because even though I was looking for the answers to be healthy and vibrant I couldn’t find them until I found out that I didn’t love myself. I discovered the blockages I needed to remove in order to heal myself. I would recommend this course to anybody that is searching for the answers to happiness and wellness and peace within yourself. I liked the condo and the place we stayed is that not only is the view beautiful outdoors there is all the wellness equipment and tools to treat yourself the entire time. I enjoyed the Bioptron Light, the structured water shower and the BEFE. because after using them all week I was energized.

I have been an RN for 32 years and I am retiring in May and this is going to give me focus  for looking into the future. Everything I have learned here will help me decide what to do for the rest of your life.

Nancy CorneilWhole Life Coach

I took this course because I am a health coach and I wanted to learn everything I could about helping people and myself.  My experience was eye opening and I didn’t realize that most of the decisions in my life were made because I didn’t love myself. It was the biggest thing that I learned. I also noticed that I am much more prepared for the changes in my future.

If you want to learn about being open to accepting truth, and if people are seeking truth about themselves in their lives then this course is definitely for you.

Cynthia Z. Muir Whole Life Coach

With Dr. Wolfe’s no BS attitude about education & healthcare being simple, practical, & easy to understand, I was able to achieve the best lifestyle coaching, tools, & technologies a person could ask for. I would define it entirely as an approach that empowers individuals to make real and lasting changes in their life.

He says that people do better when they know better, and if it doesn’t make sense, it’s nonsenseTo me,  Dr. Wolfe speaks volumes and allows real dialogue to take place by encouraging & informing a nurtured sense of self-esteem, value & self-worth. I have learned that when people know better, and develop a better relationship with themselves, they are naturally guided to making better decisions regarding their health. As a result great success becomes easier & more achievable. The nutritional portion of the course was especially informative. Dr. Wolfe broke down difficult medical jargon into easy to understand conditions and explained the root for most physiological pains & sufferings that most people unwillingly have to endure.

By understanding the basic functions of the body and its ability to adapt to even the most toxic environments, we understand that many of the diseases today can be completely avoided & healed with proper diet, simple & fun exercise, and mindfulness in everyday living.  His approach to whole health isn’t new, its classic. By transcending diet fads, detox programs, and any current trend in the healthcare industry Dr. Wolfe  simplifies your perspective so that even an 8 year old could understand & apply them. Not only that, but he/she would be set for life on how to live healthy. To me the course encompasses illness prevention, self-healing, & life-maintenance all combined into one and it draws from ancient knowledge about health & healing from many respected traditional healthcare systems all over the world. This course is for anyone who is interested in empowering themselves or others about living a fully healthy-and-happy life. No pre-requisites required. Just show up as you are with and open heart & open mind, and get ready to receive the best training out there. It is not for those who wish to remain afraid or in the dark as your world will be rocked & you will be better for it. Absolutely thrilled and grateful for the opportunity to learn & integrate these tools into our Medical Cannabis Dispensary, The Flower of Life Compassion Club Society.

Thank you Dr. Wolfe & Your Incredible Team!

Selena WongWhole Life Coach

I met Dr. Wolfe down at the truth about cancer symposium in Texas and during that brief meeting with him he healed my 7.5 year headache.

He encouraged me to look at the nutritional aspect and then take the Whole Life Coach Certification. This experience was life changing. I transformed both myself and my family by beginning and dealing with the emotional aspects of my own falsified belief systems. Dr. Wolfe Instilled within me that by making changes which allow our family to love one another in our purest form and also by loving ourselves first, we will then be able to find our passions and our purpose.The course has given me a key to my future, and with it I want to show my kids that they too can reach for that star. It is transformative and I strongly recommend that anyone and everyone prepare, and be certain that they are ready to transform. I recommend it to people who are ready to receive a place where their belief systems have already begun to change. It is not your average training and I found a totally different way to think and process information when I started with my emotions instead of symptoms of disease.
Carla WayWhole Life Coach