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ITIOH - Whole Life Coach Certification

Whole Life Coach Certification has earned the reputation as being the most effective, life-changing course for practitioners or people who wish to take health and wellness to the highest level.

Dr. Darrell Wolfe’s Whole Life Coach Certification is distinct from any other life-coaching course in the world. With the International Training Institute of Health’s Whole Life Coach Certification, you will achieve outstanding results in your life and in the lives of those you consult. This extraordinary training and on-going support sets Whole Life Coach Certification apart from all others.

Dr. Darrell Wolfe is outstanding at developing and planning the perfect day, nutritionally, emotionally and physically, bringing out the best in his patients and creating whole body wellness. This is the kind of value and expertise you will learn and easily implement into your life and the lives of your patients.

Dr. Wolfe will become your trusted guide who only wants the best for you; he will challenge you to reach your peak performance as a person and a practitioner. Your Whole Life Coach training is based on the knowledge, excellence and strategies that Dr. Wolfe has learned and developed over the last 35 years working with thousands of patients who have suffered from chronic emotional and physical conditions.

With your Whole Life Coach Certification, you are simply taking advantage of the finest up-to-date information sourced from around the world to create an extraordinary health and wellness business. Sign up for Dr. Darrell Wolfe’s Whole Life Coach Certification today, and prepare for peak performance training!

Additional Information

What can you expect from Dr. Darrell Wolfe’s Whole Life Coach Certification? Dr. Wolfe has come up against all the health challenges that you will ever see. You will receive 150 hours of real life; face-to-face consultations to get you immersed and prepared to embrace your amazing life that awaits you as a Whole Life Coach.

Dr. Wolfe provides a uniquely designed training method that will surpass your expectations and give you a proven formula to follow for all emotional and physical conditions you will encounter while treating and training your patients.

Our nutritional program is based on the science of nature, creating a strong foundation in Whole Plant Based Superfood Nutrition, Whole Body Detoxification and the latest advancements in Energy Medicine.

Our guarantee to you is that in this course, you will learn more about health and wellness than you have up until this point. This certification course will exceed your needs, so that you are fit for every challenge you face as a Whole Life Coach. This is why Dr. Wolfe offers unlimited continual support as part of his commitment to you; this means that you will have Dr. Wolfe’s personal business phone number because access should be easy and efficient when you need guidance.

Dr. Darrell Wolfe will help you to understand and tap into what makes a great Whole Life Coach. The best coaches tap into their intuition so that they can better understand the mental and physical limitations of their patients. We will train you to use all your senses so that you are properly prepared mentally, emotionally, technically and tactically, so that you are ready for every challenge as you embark upon this new chapter of your life.

Dr. Wolfe is always in training because to be an expert, you must always be learning, developing and improving your skills. We guarantee to keep you updated with new developments, you will receive continual on-going support for as long as you stay connected, because at ITIOH we are committed to your success. You will have easy access to Dr. Darrell Wolfe’s proven proprietary strategies, along with his live training events and lectures. This is how our Whole Life Coaches stay ahead of the curve when it comes to health and wellness.

Dr. Darrell Wolfe will help you create a foundation built on excellence as a basis for every aspect of your life and practice. When you understand that dedication to your personal best is the basis for everything you do and everything you are and is something that you will continually improve upon daily, then you will achieve more than you ever imagined possible.

This step-by-step training will not just optimize your patients’ health and wellbeing but it will also be the groundwork for your personal success. We will teach you how to become a skilled, trained listener, because it is much more important what emotional condition your patient is in than the physical condition that they have.

Are you ready to become everything you have ever desired?

If the answer is yes, then it’s time to get started with your Whole Life Coach Certification training. You will truly be amazed at just how much is possible when you have the right training, guidance and support. This course may only be 5 days, but we guarantee it will be the most powerful course you ever take! Don’t wait another minute to take this crucial step toward your financial success and unleashing your unlimited potential! Join our team today!

Course Outline

Emotional Breakthrough Training

  • Mental Wellness
  • Balancing Your Emotions
  • Awakening Technique
  • Relationship Counselling
  • Intervention Counselling

The Human Body

  • The Importance of the Digestive Tract
  • Heal the Gut, Cure the Body
  • Autoimmune Disease & Cancer
  • The Domino Effect of Needless Suffering


  • The Dangers of Deep Cleansing
  • Gentle Daily Cleansing
  • Core Restore for Health
  • Internal & External Detox Methods

Nutritional Training

  • Unmasking Commercialized Health & Nutrition
  • Man-made Supplements VS. Nature Grown
  • Techniques for the Healthy Shopper
  • Whole Plant Based Superfood Nutrition
  • The Essentials to Great Nutrition
  • Food Combining & The Blood Type Diet
  • The 33 Day Healthy to 100 Plan
  • Creating the Perfect Day

Techniques & Strategies

  • Beautiful Skin Techniques
  • Immune Building Strategies
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Sleep Techniques & Strategies
  • Advanced Energy Medicine Training
  • EMF Education & Devices


  • The “Normal Workout” Pitfalls
  • Weight Loss Made Easy
  • Core Strong Exercises

Building Your Business

  • Marketing for Success
  • The Pitfalls of Business
  • Building a Successful Retail Business
  • Client Care & Support

On-going Training

  • Monthly Online Training

Material & Support

We provide all Course Material & Support to take you to the highest level. For your convenience, we send you a fully loaded hard drive prior to your course, so that you can prepare yourself for your upcoming training.

  • ‘Healthy to 100’ by Dr. Darrell Wolfe: Paperback & eBook
  • Dr. Wolfe’s ‘Emotionally Fit for Life’ Audio
  • Dr. Wolfe’s ‘Create the Perfect Day’ Audio
  • 150 Hours of Whole Life Consultations
  • Dr. Wolfe’s Professional Slideshows
  • Dr. Wolfe’s Professional Lecture Videos
  • Complete Audio & Video Recordings of Course
  • Membership in the ‘Healthy to 100 Community’
  • Placement on the Practitioner Referral List
  • Become a Member of our Professional Affiliate Program

Pricing & Dates


6 Day Whole Life Coach Certification

Course Dates





Sept 10 - 15, 2017

Kelowna BC, Canada

Doc of Detox
Class Full

Oct 15 – Oct 21, 2017

Wexford, Ireland

Class Full

Nov 4 – Nov 9, 2017

Kelowna BC, Canada

Doc of Detox

Mar 11 – Mar 16, 2018

Kelowna BC, Canada

Doc of Detox

TBA 2018

TBA, United Kingdom

Coming Soon