Whole Life Coach Certification


The Whole Life Coach Certification has earned the reputation as being the most effective, life-changing course for practitioners or people who wish to take health and wellness to the highest level.

Dr. Wolfe provides a uniquely designed training method that will surpass your expectations and give you a proven formula to follow for all emotional and physical conditions you will encounter while treating and training your clients. Everyone can take our courses, and everyone has the ability to learn our courses.

With your Whole Life Coach Certification, you are simply taking advantage of the finest up-to-date information sourced from around the world to create an extraordinary health and wellness business. After completing this breakthrough training, the technique of assessing, treating and training your patients will come fast and easily to you.

Sign up for the Whole Life Coach Certification today, and prepare for peak performance training!


Your Destiny Awaits You!


St. Petersburg

Oct. 22 - 27, 2018
NOV. 11 - 16, 2018


St. Petersburg

June 9 - 14, 2019
JUNE 29 - JULY 4, 2019



British COlumbia
FEB. 17 - 22, 2019



British Columbia
Sept. 8 - 13, 2019