Al Daniel

I went to the institute with intending to understand and learn about Whole Life Coaching & Deep Tissue Therapy and I found more than I expected!

I learned that 85% of all illnesses start in the mind and that the actual true culprit is our subconscious
-talk about being side kicked!

Needles to say it was eye opening for me. It prodded & pushed me out of my comfort zone into a place that I have come to understand that I was being ruled, living by my subconscious. I have to love myself first, and this, I did not fore see!

Wolfe Deep Tissue Therapy was a complement to the Coaching course!, I must say they go hand in hand. I would recommend these courses to anyone who wants to master their health and attain optimum health at all levels, (or have someone else mastered it for you), be prepared to have your mind renewed as well as your whole body and soul!

The Combined Course is definitely an A+!


Al Daniel