Sonja Warncke

My journey with natural health started many years ago. It was when I realized that my body wasn't responding positively with conventional medicine. I have tried other different 'natural' methods and to some degree have had success. I believe that the value of life and its experiences are meant for purpose and in one way or another have helped me get to where I am today.

A friend mentioned the Quest For The Cure online series and Dr. Darrell Wolfe was one of the Doctors interviewed. He talked about his Detox Tea, and I became interested so I ordered some. After using the tea I had questions so I called the number on the flyer I received, and to my surprise Dr. Wolfe answered very graciously in response to all of my questions. "WOW!" I thought, where else would I receive this kind of personal care. I now intended to visit Dr. Wolfe and his clinic as I felt there was much more to learn.

Since meeting with Dr. Wolfe in August of 2015 and learning how to heal my body, mind & spirit with a few simple natural everyday methods I have seen amazing results. I would like to share my new competency with others. My next step was to take his Whole Life Coach & Deep Tissue Restoration courses.

They were both amazing and they surpassed all of my expectations. I am now certified as a Whole Life Coach & Deep Tissue Restoration Therapist.

Dr. Wolfe, Lorie, their staff & my new graduated peers on a personal level has been a positive life changing experience for me.

I now know living a healthy & joyful life is not complicated.   I want to help others on their journey and obtain optimum health through joyful living everyday.

Life is beautiful and not meant to be full of pain, take charge and own it!

Thank-you, God Bless.