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Personalized Treatment & Training


7 - 33 Day Uniquely Tailored Training Program

Are you ready to awaken the real you, the authentic you from within and unleash your full potential to heal and live life unlimited? The Doc of Detox / International Training Institute of Health has 35 years experience in training and treating people just like you in becoming masters of your health and well-being.

Your Personalized Treatment and Training can range anywhere from 7 days to 33 days with a minimum of 3 hours per day. This will depend on the severity of your condition and your needs. All training and treatment is video taped or audio recorded, so that you can truly build the techniques, strategies and tools into your daily lifestyle.

We will design a program tailored just for you to suite your condition, needs and lifestyle. What you eat, drink, think and do truly matters, it makes you and it shapes you. Join us for the full ITIOH experience, consisting of Wolfe Deep Tissue Treatment & Training, in combination with our signature Whole Life Consultations.


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Who takes our Personal Treatments and Trainings?

  • Couples

  • Friends

  • Families

  • Groups

  • Singles

  • Caretaker/Patient


Get ready to make the impossible possible and treat the untreatable -
Become Unstoppable!


We love to see when couples, friends or families come together so that when you and your partner are trained you will be able to eliminate each other’s pain within minutes by using the Wolfe Deep Tissue Technique. You will no longer be at the mercy of making an appointment and putting out thousands of dollars for “Band-Aid Therapy”.

If you join us alone, we will train you so that you can teach someone close to you how to perform Wolfe Deep Tissue therapy so you can continue on your road to optimal health.

With the knowledge of how to finally live the life that you have always dreamed of and a step-by-step guide, personally built for your lifestyle, you will be the Master of your life! You’re either out of control with your health or in control, there is no in between. The only way to be in control of your health is to be in charge of your health and the only way to be in charge is to educate yourself with true wisdom and training that will take your health to the highest level and keep it there.


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Transform your life today!
— Dr. Darrell Wolfe

Discover how to:

  • Go over your health history and daily routine

  • Determine what you want and define your vision

  • Create a personalized nutritional plan and effective exercise program

  • Receive and learn Wolfe Deep Tissue Therapy

  • Increase your range of motion, mobility, flexibility and tone

  • Harness your emotions and transform your thoughts

You will receive:

  • Brave Heart Online Emotional Training

  • A paperback copy of ‘Healthy to 100’

  • The Perfect Day Guide

  • The Brave Heart Way Manual

  • Video recordings of all techniques

  • Audio recordings of all consultations


Pricing Options

PTT Bundle 1

  • 20 Hrs Personal Treatment and Training $3000.00

  • 5 Hrs Nutritional Consultation $750.00

  • 7 Nights (1 Room Condo) $875.00

  • Total $4625.00


PTT Bundle 2

  • 20 Hrs Personal Treatment and Training $3000.00

  • 5 Hrs Nutritional Consultation $750.00

  • 2 Hrs Emotional Consultation $500.00

  • 7 Nights (1 Room Condo) $875.00

  • Total $5125.00


PTT Bundle 3

  • 10 Hrs Personal Treatment $1500.00

  • 7 Nights (1 Room Condo) $875.00

  • Total $2375.00


PTT Bundle 4

  • 20 Hrs Personal Treatment and Training $3000.00

  • 5 Hrs Emotional Consultation $1250

  • 7 Nights (1 Room Condo) $875.00

  • Total $5125.00