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I have recently had the enjoyment and satisfaction of completing the Wolfe Deep Tissue Restoration course through Dr. Wolfe. This course is fun, up beat, but most of all a shining beacon of hope to those in pain. Whether it is muscle fatigue, joint pain, headaches, and the list goes on, I have been able to break down scar tissue and strengthen the muscle tissue that once was healthy and strong. Having this certificate has opened many doors for me and I have had numerous clients since I started my practice.

Anthony McPhate

Anthony McPhateWolfe Deep Tissue Therapist - Kelowna, BC, Canada

My journey with natural heath started many years ago when I realized that my body did not respond well with conventional medicine. I have tried many different natural methods with some success, which has brought me to where I am today. I believe all of life’s experiences are meant for a purpose and have in one way or another helped me to get to where I am today.

A friend told me about the Quest For The Cure online series. Dr. Darrell Wolfe was one of the Doctors interviewed and he talked about his Detox tea, which interested me so I order some. After using the tea I had some questions so called the number on the flyer I had received with the tea. To my surprise Dr. Wolfe answered the phone and very graciously answered my questions. I thought WOW, were else would I receive this kind of personal care. I decided I needed to visit Dr. Wolfe as I felt there was much more to learn.

Since meeting with Dr. Darrell Wolfe in August 2015 and learning how to heal my body, mind, and spirit with a few simple natural methods, I have been applying his methods to my everyday life and have seen amazing results. With seeing the positive results I felt I would like to share this with others. I needed to learn more so the next step was to take his Whole Life Coach & Deep Tissue Restoration course.

The course was amazing and surpassed all my expectations. To have completed the course and become certified as a Whole Life Coach and Deep Tissue Restoration Therapist is a wonderful accomplishment for me but I also gained so much more from this course. Getting to know Dr. Wolfe & Laure, their staff, and the other students on a personal level has been a positive and life changing experience for me. A huge thank you to all of them.

Living a healthy & joyful life is not complicated.   I am passionate about sharing this information with others and helping them on their journey to obtain optimum health and living joyfully everyday.   Life is beautiful and not meant to be full of pain, take charge and own it!

God Bless

Sonja Warncke

Sonja WarnckeWolfe Deep Tissue Therapist, Whole Life Coach - Chetwynd, BC, Canada

Wolfe Deep Tissue Restoration Certification

Wolfe Deep Tissue Restoration was one of the most fun & empowering classes I have taken as a healer. The technique, style, teaching approach, and practical application are simple, easy, & effective on deep & profound levels.

After the first week of my certification, I was working on my husband, Alva Wong, who is an elite athlete & international Dragon Boat Racing champion with his fair share of knots & scar tissue build up from his love of the sport. With 1 session, I was able to alleviate and remove a deep knot in his shoulder blade that had been causing him pain for over 3 years. We were both blown away. This began to show me how effective & powerful Dr. Wolfe’s Deep Tissue Restoration truly is. I am so grateful to Dr. Wolfe for the opportunity to learn this life-changing/enhancing skill. Adding Wolfe Deep Tissue Restoration to my practice has been a joy for me. For my clients, it has been a proven therapy that works every time.

With Gratitude & Deep Appreciation

Selena Wong, B. Msc.

Selena Wong, B. Msc. Wolfe Deep Tissue Therapist, Whole Life Coach - Vernon, BC, Canada

I have been practicing as a Registered Massage Therapist for 32 years. I continue to search for the most effective Deep Tissue Techniques, which will achieve the best results for my patients. After taking Dr. Wolfe’s 'Wolfe Deep Tissue Restoration Certification', I found it to be the best technique to penetrate into the deeper tissue layers where the scar tissue is located. With this particular method, the therapist is able to break down the internal scar tissue quickly and effectively, which causes decreased range of motion, compromised circulation and referred pain, all of which can contribute to premature aging and considerable discomfort in the body.

Dr. Wolfe’s Advanced Deep Tissue Certification course is very complete, being taught with many years of knowledge and experience and is presented in a clear and concise way.

I highly recommend this course for any practitioner who would like to get the very best results for their patients.

Stephen Biollo

Stephen BiolloWolfe Deep Tissue Therapist/RMT - Kelowna, BC, Canada

My name is Sherry Trenholm and I live in Chetwynd, B.C.  I have two beautiful daughters, Chanel 24 and Rylee 19 and a wonderful husband Blaine.

I taught fitness for approximately ten years up until I had my second daughter, Rylee.  We then moved out to the ranch where teaching and driving back and forth to town just did not seem practical any longer.  We settled into the ranch lifestyle and I concentrated on raising our two girls and helping to run the ranch in any way I could.  I was always aware of my health and continued to make those healthy choices where and when it was necessary. Exercising for myself began to fade away when the busyness of life began to take over, which I think for a lot of us it does.    My girls suddenly grew up and left me with that empty feeling of what now?  The emotional feelings were "normal" I kept hearing everyone say.  The feelings did not go away and I knew there had had to be more to that "normal" because in "my" mind, for me that wasn't the norm.

So the searching began. I would read and read and read and try different things, it all helped but not to the extent I wanted it to.

Taking Dr. Wolfe's whole coach and deep tissue restoration has, shall I say, "enlightened" me.  The body, mind, and soul I have learned are and must work together in order to get that peaceful, emotional, and physical contentment. The course has taught me that if one is not functioning properly it affects the rest.  The course has given me the tools and knowledge to take charge of my life, mentally, physically and emotionally, so that I can move forward and make some positive changes. The most important thing for me that hit home was that our body consists of vibration and frequency.  Everything we eat, say, and think contributes to how we feel inside and out.  "LIFE CHANGING"

Dr. Wolfe creates a fun, loving and family orientated environment that helps to create a learning experience that will impact your life.  I know it has mine.  Thank you Dr. Wolfe and also to your staff and family.

Love you all

Sherry Trenholm

Sherry Trenholm Wolfe Deep Tissue Therapist, Whole Life Coach - Chetwynd, BC, Canada

Being raised in and around the field of natural health and experiencing first-hand the recovery people are capable of making from a contracted toxic lifestyle to a young vibrant expansive one, I knew I wanted to help people, to heal people. I was fortunate enough to be in and around the energy of Wolfe Deep Tissue at a young age so being able to embrace it 20 some odd years later and come full circle was magic. I was fortunate enough to work exclusively with Dr. Darrell Wolfe as he designed this course, in turn taking the Wolfe Deep Tissue Restoration Certification as well as being able to help assist in some areas was one of my most memorable and fulfilling moments to date. The Deep Tissue Restoration course removes internal scar tissue, crystallization and changes lives. One treatment is all it takes for increased range of motion and for anyone to realize Wolfe Deep Tissue is most certainly one of a kind.

Matt King

Matt King Wolfe Deep Tissue Therapist - Toronto, ON, Canada

Whole Life Coaching Certification

WOW... I received the best lifestyle coaching, tools, & technologies a person could access. Dr. Wolfe’s no BS attitude about education & healthcare was simple, practical, & easy to understand; An approach that empowers individuals to make real and lasting changes in their life.

Dr. Wolfe says, ‘people do better when they know better’ and ‘if it doesn’t make sense, its nonsense’ amongst a whole host of other wise & timeless adages. To me, this speaks volumes and allows a real dialogue to take place, encouraging & informing while nurturing self-esteem, value & self-worth. When people know better, and develop a better relationship with themselves, they are naturally guided to making better decisions regarding their health. It becomes easy & achievable.

The nutrition portion of the course was especially informative, breaking down difficult medical jargon into easy to understand conditions, while explaining the root of most of the physiological pain & suffering most people unwillingly put themselves through. By understanding the basic functions of the body, & its ability to adapt to even the most toxic environments, we understand that many of the diseases today can be completely avoided & healed with whole live food, simple & fun exercise, & mindfulness in everyday living.

His approach to whole health isn’t new, its classic, transcending any diet fad, detox plan, or current trend in the healthcare industry. These tools are so simple, an 8 year old could understand & apply them, and would be set for a healthy life for their whole life. To me, this is what makes this course so valuable- Its all encompassing: preventative, healing, & maintenance all in one, drawing from ancient knowledge about health & healing from many respected traditional healthcare systems found all over the world.

This course is for anyone who is interested in empowering themselves or others about living a fully healthy and happy life. No prerequisites required. Just show up as you are, heart & mind open, and get ready to receive the best training out there. Not for those who wish to remain afraid or in the dark. Your world will be rocked & you will be better for it.

Absolutely thrilled and grateful for the opportunity to learn & integrate these tools into our Medical Cannabis Dispensary, The Flower of Life Compassion Club Society. Thank you Dr. Wolfe & your incredible team!

With Gratitude & Deep Appreciation

Selena Wong, B. Msc.

Selena Wong, B. Msc. Wolfe Deep Tissue Therapist, Whole Life Coach - Vernon, BC, Canada

With all the courses and programs out there today, it is truly wonderful to say that after taking the Whole Life Coaching and Deep Tissue Program it changed the way I look and live my life.  Battling with pain and weight issues, I now see the light at the end of the tunnel through common sense and true understanding.  The baby steps show you can succeed, then it reassures you that future success is possible.  This course takes the fear of failure out of making new goals and the confidence that this TIME, really is different.  You can't help others until you help yourself. I have become the light for my family because they see the difference in my happy face, changed weight.  Start your baby steps by reading the ebook "Healthy to 100" do it for you. You deserve it.

Diane Payne

Diane PayneWolfe Deep Tissue Therapist, Whole Life Coach - Calgary, AB, Canada

In 1992 my girlfriend at that time and myself both completed the courses offered by the International Training Institute of Health.

For my wife and myself the courses resulted in more than just a career change but rather initiated a permanent lifestyle. Chronic physical health issues from a previous car accident or even simple acute back or shoulder pain could easily be released. There are issues in the tissues. Physical and emotional issues thought impossible were released. Be for warned that taking this course may potentially open you up to a whole new approach to life. The supporting theory and technical support was substantial and the hands-on practical work proved to be priceless since we both were working professionally immediately after course completion. For yourself, your family and your community, it is a good investment for a healthier future and enhanced quality of life.

Be Hope & Give Hope

Paula Wood & Marcel Wolfe, PEMF Consultants/Holistic Bio Educators

Paula Wood & Marcel Wolfe, PEMF Consultants/Holistic Bio EducatorsWolfe Deep Tissue Therapists - Toronto, ON, Canada

I went there with an understanding that it would be an overall learning about Whole Life Coaching & Deep Tissue Therapy, well I got more than what I expected...!

I learned that 85% of all illness start in the mind and culprit was and is our subconscious, talk about being side kicked..! Well needles to say it was an eye opening for me as it prodded me & pushed me out of my comfort zone to the place that I came to understand that I was being ruled and living by my subconscious, and that I had to love myself first and fore most, that I did not see coming...!

Also the Deep Tissue Therapy was a complement to the Whole Life Coaching! I must say they go hand in hand..

I would recommend these courses to anyone who wants to master their health and attain optimum health at all levels, (or have someone else mastered it for you), be prepared to have your mind renewed as well as your whole body  and soul....!!!

This is definitely and A+ course.!!


Al Daniel

Al Daniel Wolfe Deep Tissue Therapist, Whole Life Coach - Chilliwack, BC, Canada

I was extremely excited to take the Wolfe Deep Tissue Restoration Certification course as I have had firsthand experience with Dr. Wolfe fixing my chronic pain! After trying every form of chiropractor, physiotherapy and massage therapy, Dr. Wolfe’s technique has been the only one to fix the root cause of my pain and has given me back full range of motion and freedom from pain. I chose to take his course so that I could help my family with their pain and healing but as a result I am eagerly excited daily to help others, who have pain like I did and realize that they don’t have to live with it. As I use the Wolfe Deep Tissue technique that Dr. Wolfe trained me in, I have had the opportunity to also solve chronic “Medical Mysteries” and provide pain relief to those who have also spent many years searching for something that really works! Be warned that mastering this technique will ultimately qualify you to fix scar tissue problems in all joints and soft tissues leading others to a pain-free life!

Joanna Chase

Joanna Chase Wolfe Deep Tissue Therapist - Kelowna, BC, Canada