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We first came across Dr. Wolfe whilst watching an online health conference called The Truth About Cancer: Ultimate Symposium. The way he talked about health really hit home and made us fall in love with him. Just before he finished his talk,  on the last slide of his presentation, there was a picture of a girl who had scoliosis with pre-and-post results after 2, 45 minute treatments. At that time he didn’t explain what the treatment was or how it worked. We were quickly intrigued to find out about the treatment so we started “googling” his name and found his website. Our daughter has a severe form of scoliosis so we needed to find him. We decided to call Dr. Wolfe first and speak to him because we weren’t sure if the treatment was suitable for young children, especially a 2 year old. He advised us to come down for a week to get the Deep Tissue Therapy training, which would enable us to slowly remove the scar tissue from her spine and all over her body, making her more flexible.

We had an amazing team of certified therapists who trained us and taught us everything we needed to know. They were thorough in their explanations and everything was recorded, so you don’t feel like you have to memorize everything.Dr. Wolfe and his team really went out out of their way to make us feel at home and loved. The training course definitely changed our lives because not only did we learn how to use Wolfe Deep Tissue therapy, but we also learned how important a healthy and balanced diet is. We learned how to  promote healing and bring prosperity alongside the importance of exercise (something we hardly did on a regular basis).  In the one week we’ve been here, we’ve already noticed a huge difference in our health, from our energy levels to our increased bowel movements.

These trainings will change people’s lives for the better and Dr. Wolfe is the only doctor we’ve come across who trains people instead of just performing the treatment.

Maryam, Abubaker & AsmaaPersonalized Treatments & Training