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For Singles, Couples & Family

This course is about learning to honor, respect, protect and love the body that you have been given so you can rise to your highest power to heal yourself and live a joyful life.

We have people that come from all around the world to stay with us at our Oasis Retreat & Spa. People come from all walks of life to get personally trained and treated because we provide therapies that are proven to be effective, successful and easy.

Not only this, but, we make it fun, enjoyable and it will transform you on an emotional and physical level so that you have the ability to meet your needs and the needs of the ones you love.

The ‘Personalized Treatment & Training’ is our most popular program and is designed for singles, couples and families who are committed to living life to their highest potential and keeping it there.

This training focuses on whole body healing and is designed to meet your specific needs, conditions and desires, as we guide you to create a new life for the rest of your life. Together we will create the perfect day in every way, physically and emotionally, so that you may become the master of your life.

Additional Information

What happens when you take the Personalized Treatments and Training?

We will design a program tailored just for you to suite your condition, needs and lifestyle. What you eat, drink, think and do truly matters, it makes you and it shapes you.

Change the Rules, Change the Game, Change your Life. Book your Treatment & Training Today!

Your ‘Personalized Treatment & Training’ can range anywhere from 4 days to 30 days with a minimum of 3 hours per day. This will depend on the severity of your condition and your needs. All training and treatment is video taped or audio recorded, so that you can truly build the techniques, strategies and tools into your daily lifestyle.

If you join us alone, we will train you so that you can teach someone close to you how to perform Wolfe Deep Tissue therapy so you can continue on your road to optimal health.

We love to see when couples, friends or families come together so that when you and your partner are trained you will be able to eliminate each other’s pain within minutes by using the Wolfe Deep Tissue Technique. You will no longer be at the mercy of making an appointment and putting out thousands of dollars for “Band-Aid Therapy”.

With the knowledge of how to finally live the life that you have always dreamed of and a step-by-step guide, personally built for your lifestyle, you will be the Master of your life! You’re either out of control with your health or in control, there is no in between. The only way to be in control of your health is to be in charge of your health and the only way to be in charge is to educate yourself with true wisdom and training that will take your health to the highest level and keep it there.

When you have continual or returning pain in an area, this is internal scar tissue and chronic inflammation, end of story. If this internal scar tissue is not opened up and released, along with the proper guidance to completely eliminate inflammation from your body, then you will live with this for the rest of your life. If left untreated or ineffectively treated, the body will continue to build more internal scar tissue.

Eventually, you may not even feel the pain because of so much built up scar tissue, but you will experience poor circulation, decreased range of motion, premature aging and you will become stiff as a board. The condition that you are struggling with today is the same condition that will put you in the hospital, nursing home or shorten your life span.

In just a short period of time, we show you how to create the most explosive growth you’ll ever experience by teaching you how to achieve optimal health, the power of positive thinking, the importance of emotional stability and how to live pain-free while still make it fun!

Many people are curious about how we could offer a treatment & training where in a matter of days, you can get people saying things like:
“This is the most amazing bodywork therapy I have ever received!”
“I haven’t had this much energy since I was a teenager!”
“For the first time in my life, I no longer fear the future.”

Course Outline

Discover How To:

  • Go over your health history & daily routine
  • Determine what you want & define your vision
  • Create a personalized nutritional plan & effective exercise program
  • Learn simple daily detox protocols
  • Create the perfect day
  • Harness your emotions & transform your thoughts
  • Erase & replace dysfunctional belief systems
  • Learn how to process your emotions to think properly
  • Make your dreams a reality
  • Receive & learn Wolfe Deep Tissue Therapy
  • Create a pain-free body
  • Release your internal scar tissue & physical limitations
  • Reverse the underlying cause of chronic & acute problems
  • Increase your range of motion, mobility, flexibility & tone

Material & Support

  • A Step-by-step Personalized & Treatments Training Manual
  • Dr. Wolfe's 'Emotionally Fit for Life' Audio
  • Dr. Wolfe's 'Create the Perfect Day' Audio
  • 'Healthy to 100' by Dr. Darrell Wolfe - ebook, Audio, Kindle
  • 30 Chapter Booklets
  • 1-year Membership in the Healthy to 100 Community
  • Placement on the Practitioner Referral List
  • Membership with the Doc of Detox Professional Affiliate Program
  • 130 Nutritional & Emotional Recorded Consultations
  • 9 Slideshow Presentations
  • Supercharge Your Life 2-day Public Lecture Training Video
  • Awakening Transformation Public Lecture Training Video
  • Other Informational Videos
  • Meditation & Exercise Music

We are providing all the Course Material and Support you need to take you to the highest level. Some of the support material will be given to you prior to your course, so that you can prepare yourself for the training of a lifetime.


Starting at $150 per hour

Personalized Treatments & Training

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Consultations with Dr. Wolfe

$150 / hour

Wolfe Deep Tissue Training

1 Trainer: $150 / hour

2 Trainers: $195 / hour

Treatments 10 hours and above Receive Brave Heart Online Training for 2 FREE
Treatments 10 hours and below Receive Brave Heart Online Training for 1 FREE