Awaken the Power of the Mind/Body Connection.


 Take your practice to the next level with our Whole Life Coach & Wolfe Deep Tissue Package.

These courses were created to bring health professionals to the highest level and were also created for the general public to start a successful and abundant practice. Become a New World Practitioner Today!

Whole Life Coach Certification:

How would it feel to be able to create the Perfect Day for your family or patients on an emotional and physical level from the minute they wake, to the minute they go to bed? Your success is based on your patient’s success. This is the most effective, life-changing course in healthcare today - we guarantee it! Take your training to the highest level, physically, nutritionally and emotionally. Come find out why Dr. Darrell Wolfe is leading the way in mind, body healing. Become a New World Practitioner today and awaken to your true potential!

Wolfe Deep Tissue Certification:

Wolfe Deep Tissue is the most powerful bodywork ever developed, based on the knowledge, excellence and precise techniques that Dr. Darrell Wolfe has developed over 35 years. With this 7 day course, you will reverse the underlying cause of chronic and acute muscular and skeletal problems, inflammation and injuries in your patients. We treat the so-called untreatable. Where other therapies fail, Wolfe Deep Tissue succeeds. From healthcare professionals to the general public, we create leaders in the field of bodywork therapy.


Course Locations & Dates


St. Petersburg

Oct 22 - Nov 4, 2018


St. Petersburg

JUNE 9 - 27, 2019



British COlumbia
feb. 17 - mar. 2, 2019



British Columbia
Sept. 8 - 21, 2019