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There is no other training that I know of that deals with or gets the results that we do with our ‘Nonsurgical Aesthetics Certification’ course. This breakthrough training teaches you how to do a professional face lift, restorative abdominal lift, breast lift, pelvic clearance, buttocks lift and hip release.

This technique will open up and release fibroids, internal scar tissue, calcification, crystallization and body pain related to muscles and nerves. We also give in-depth training on the removal of scar tissue from C-sections, gall bladder, appendix or any other surgery that has created scar tissue adhesions and blockages.

The surface of the skin will reflect the structures supporting it and creating it. In this advanced ‘Nonsurgical Aesthetics Certification’ course, we penetrate the deeper tissue and muscle layers of the face, abdomen, breast and pelvis to eliminate pain and scar tissue, thus restoring natural tone, youth and contour.

In regular aesthetic practices and massage therapy clinics, this approach is never taken. Dormant cells deep in your skin are stimulated during this remarkable rejuvenating process. They become renewed and bring a new radiance to the skin’s outer surface. Your clients’ body tissues will feel fresh, youthful and vibrantly healthy once again.

Additional Information

What happens when you take the Nonsurgical Aesthetics Certification?

There comes a time in everyone’s life when their skin begins to look older and their muscles begin to lose tone – a time when they search for a way to subtract or slow down the years that nature has added.

Aging tends to break down the polymeric bonding that gives young skin its fresh, smooth appearance. Over time, scar tissue and crystallization build up within the muscles, decreasing circulation resulting in lack of muscle tone and premature aging.

Poor diet, years of improper self-care and misguidance from professionals along with exposure to UV rays, frigid temperatures, high winds and environmental pollutants all contribute to the deterioration of skin and muscle tone.

The ‘Nonsurgical Aesthetics Certification’ will give you all the training you need on diet, nutrition, exercise and body care to help you, your clients and those that you love take personal action giving them the most amazing results.

To understand how the process works, it is important that you know something about the make-up of your skin. Decreased circulation in the deeper muscles will cause bags, folds, and wrinkles to form when the skin begins to exceed the face.

Your outer skin is made up of several layers called epidermis. It is this outer surface that becomes rough and wrinkled, mainly due to the decreased circulation caused by lactic acid and uric acid crystallization in the deeper layers. This decrease in circulation is what causes inflammation and internal scar tissue to form.

Have you ever noticed how the deeper muscles of your body are too tight and the more superficial muscles are becoming loose or even sagging?
To restore balance to the superficial tissue we must restore youthful tone. To do this, we must loosen, release and open up the internal scar tissue that is hidden within the deeper muscles, tendons, ligaments and even organs.

The origin and insertion points are where the tendon or ligaments attach onto the bone. By using a gentle transverse manipulation focusing on the origin and insertion of the deeper tendons and ligaments, we release the whole muscle bundle otherwise muscle belly, restoring circulation and balance.

Material & Support

  • A Step-by-step NonSurgical Aesthetics Certification Training Manual
  • Dr. Wolfe's 'Emotionally Fit for Life' Audio
  • ‘Healthy To 100’ by Dr. Darrell Wolfe – eBook, Audio, Kindle
  • Nonsurgical Aesthetics Training Manual
  • Complete Recordings from Nonsurgical Aesthetics Certification
  • 1 Year Membership in the Healthy To 100 Community
  • Placement on the Practitioner Referral List on ITIOH & Doc of Detox
  • Become a Member of Doc of Detox Professional Affiliate Program
  • Breakthrough Educational Training Videos

We provide all Course Material & Support to take you to the highest level. For your convenience, we send your course material prior to your course, so that you can prepare yourself for your upcoming training.

Course Outline

A Buttocks Lift & Hip Release to Help With:

  • Atonic Gluteal Muscles/Dropped Butt
  • Hip Pain
  • Groin Pain
  • Low Back Pain
  • Sciatica
  • Knee Problems
  • Hip Replacement
  • Mobility
  • Toning & Tightening

An Abdominal Lift to Help With:

  • Stretch Marks
  • Painful Periods
  • Menopausal Symptoms
  • Bloating/Cramps
  • Constipation
  • Middle Aged Bulge/Beer Belly/Spare Tire
  • Abdominal Distention
  • Prolapsed Stomach/Colon/Uterus/Bladder
  • Inflamed Uterus/Cervix/Prostate/Bladder
  • C-section and other abdominal surgeries
  • Organ Lift
  • Liver Pain & Congestion
  • Stomach Pain/Problems
  • Intestinal Pain & Blockages
  • Hiatal Hernia
  • Inguinal Hernia

A Breast Lift to Help With:

  • Inflammation, Pain and Swelling
  • Crystallization and Internal Scar Tissue
  • Fibroids
  • Benign Tumors
  • Malignant Tumors
  • Lymph Congestion
  • Breathing Problems
  • Hiatal Hernia

A Pelvic Clearance to Help With:

  • Endometriosis
  • Painful Periods
  • Stretch Marks
  • Menopausal Symptoms
  • Bloating/Cramps
  • Constipation
  • Prolapsed Colon/Uterus/Bladder
  • Inflamed Uterus/Cervix/Prostate/Bladder
  • Scar Tissue from Surgeries
  • Inflammation & Pain
  • Lymph Congestion
  • Water Retention
  • Painful Sex

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Nonsurgical Aesthetics Certification

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Oct 6 - 8, 2017

Kelowna BC, Canada

Doc of Detox
Class Full

Nov 20 - Nov 22, 2017

Kelowna BC, Canada

Doc of Detox

Mar 27 - Mar 29, 2018

Kelowna BC, Canada

Doc of Detox