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All Active Certified Whole Life Coaches & Wolfe Deep Tissue Therapists will be featured on our Global Practitioner Map.
There will be ongoing support from Dr. Wolfe for all students.
All graduates have the opportunity to become an Instructor/Facilitator of Wolfe Deep Tissue Restoration and Whole Life Coach Certification.

Instructors will travel to teach our Certification Courses in your country. Please Call for Further Details.

If you are located away from our home base (Kelowna, BC, Canada) and have a group that is interested in taking our professional training course, it is financially feasible to host our trainers, rather than having your group come to us. We will put together a hosting package for you, depending on how many students are taking the course. (Class size limited to 10 people)

Dr. Wolfe prefers the personal touch! Call him directly with your questions or to register for your training course.


Feel free to call us with any and all questions.
“You cannot treat better, until you know better.” – Dr. Darrell Wolfe

Contact us today! Toll Free: 1 855 900 4544
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