Couples Retreat -testimonials

Ingrid & Joey Rea
We first came to the clinic for health healing and found that health is combined with the mind, body, soul and spirit. As the week progressed we saw growth in both of us as partners. We realized how the mind has been conditioned over the years to follow a path that is not its own. Now being in the middle of our lives it is time to find our own path of self-love in order to finally start living creatively by our own thoughts, beliefs, and values. We highly recommend this 1 week retreat for all couples, especially for couples that once came together with a strong passion for each other and then over time felt like “reality” began to set in what they call an ‘ended’ honey moon.Who are they?What gives them the right to say that it’s over?Who makes up these rules?As of today we are now creating our own beliefs and they are going to apply both to ourselves as well as those that choose to be shining lights around us.-Our honeymoon is not over. It has only started!The scenery of the condo was outstanding, Kelowna is a must see!The therapists at the Doc of Detox welcomed us with peace and we received treatments of love and non-judgment, which every couple needs. Dr. Wolfe is an inspiration and will hold a very dear place in our hearts. We have realized that he has become part of our new growing: "Love Family," that we are going to choose to surround ourselves with. We have grown very fond of Dr. Wolfe's staff. Their care & compassion radiates throughout the clinic like a protective heartbeat felt everyday. We encourage you before you think of making a major move on your own that will impact the life you have now, to take 1 week to surrender yourself and truly find out who you really are and what your potential is. Your spouse will thank-you and you will thank yourself for making this life changing move.PS, Bring your spouse!Sending you all of our eternal love.