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An Unbreakable Bond that Will Last a Lifetime

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The programs you run in your subconscious are either empowering you each and everyday to your full potential or they are creating hell on earth, sucking the life and joy from your very being. It’s not a matter of being good or bad, they’re just programs that follow the laws of cause and effect.

Your subconscious mind is either the most powerful, positive part of you, or the most powerful, destructive part of you. It is important that you understand that 85% of all sickness and disease start in the mind. So by all rights, when I teach you how to free your mind by harnessing your subconscious, you will have your life and health restored.

As humans, we only use 10% of our brain but this is not the problem, the problem is that the majority of the population has been taught not to think for themselves. Most do not wish to believe this but, the majority of the population is on autopilot and a large percentage has become zombie-like.

We must take back our power, what we think matters. What we think makes up and shapes us. You will never feel joy living someone else’s life. Imagine what would happen if you connected to your breath, stayed in the present and developed the art of thinking for yourself.

Most people never discover how to unlock the secrets to find the incredible power hidden within them. For most, harnessing the power within is just a dream or fantasy. But now with the ‘Brave Heart Emotional Breakthrough’ training, you can achieve your dreams.

I know this sounds unbelievable but with simple baby steps practiced daily this easy-to-use formula will unlock everything your heart desires and will materialize the life you really want. I want you to understand that everything that you’ve always wanted is at your fingertips.

Your journey starts here. Come dream, explore and discover the real you when you join ‘Brave Heart’, the World’s most powerful online training. Learn how to master self-care, self-realization, self-healing and self-love; taking your emotional and physical well-being to the highest level.

Additional Information

What happens when you take the Couples Course Training?

All of us have three main things we really want to master. We always look to make changes or improve our life to make things better. We usually find if our career is perfect, our body or our family life is out of shape. It’s human nature to focus on certain areas and not on others.

Harnessing your emotions will free your mind, making everything move forward. Information without emotion is forgotten. The most important times that you remember in your life has an emotional intensity surrounding it. Where there is emotion, you will follow-through, that’s what makes life work, that’s what makes life enjoyable.

We have created a process which enables you to figure out what you really want, what is most important in your life, what is missing and where you really want to go, giving you a strategy to maximize your efforts.

For almost 4 decades, Dr. Darrell Wolfe has devoted his life to creating life-changing therapies and trainings, as well as, strategies and tools for those in need and for those who feel there is no answer or no way out.

We make you this promise; you will treasure this training because it will empower your life and the lives of those around you.

Our life is controlled by the decisions we make, what we believe, how we feel and what we do. With this breakthrough training, we will teach you a new way of caring for yourself and those around you.

Course Outline

Discover How To:

  • Create change in your life right now
  • Make your dreams your reality
  • Succeed and achieve your goals
  • Develop deeper, stronger relationships
  • Unleash the power of your mind
  • Erase & replace dysfunctional belief systems
  • Identify your life’s purpose
  • Process your emotions & think properly
  • Use your power to overcome obstacles
  • Leave the past in the past
  • Overcome and master your fears
  • Find and release your strength
  • Instantly drop self-sabotage
  • Put an end to the guilt-trip
  • End the family curse
  • Effortlessly embrace change
  • Get rid of toxic beliefs and toxic people
  • Trust yourself and respect your decisions
  • Make a difference
  • Attract the right people at the right time
  • Talk to yourself to create success
  • Quiet your mind and develop your intuition
  • Show compassion with strength
  • Make decisions with your heart not your mind

Material & Support

  • A Step-by-step Couples Retreat Training Manual
  • Dr. Wolfe's 'Emotionally Fit for Life' Audio
  • Dr. Wolfe's 'Create the Perfect Day' Audio
  • 'Healthy to 100' by Dr. Darrell Wolfe - ebook, Audio, Kindle
  • 30 Chapter Booklets
  • 1-year Membership in the Healthy to 100 Community
  • Placement on the Practitioner Referral List
  • Membership with the Doc of Detox Professional Affiliate Program
  • 130 Nutritional & Emotional Recorded Consultations
  • 9 Slideshow Presentations
  • Supercharge Your Life 2-day Public Lecture Training Video
  • Awakening Transformation Public Lecture Training Video
  • Other Informational Videos
  • Meditation & Exercise Music

We are providing all the Course Material and Support you need to take you to the highest level. Some of the support material will be given to you prior to your course, so that you can prepare yourself for the training of a lifetime.


Consultations with Dr. Wolfe

$195 / hour

Wolfe Deep Tissue Training

1 Trainer $150 / hour
2 Trainers $195 / hour

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