Combined Certification Testimonials

My name is Sherry Trenholm and I live in Chetwynd, B.C.  I have two beautiful daughters, Chanel 24 and Rylee 19 and a wonderful husband Blaine.I taught fitness for approximately 10 years until I had my second daughter, Rylee. We then moved out to the ranch where teaching and driving back routine trips to town no longer seemed practical. We settled into our new life-style and I focussed on raising our 2 girls, and running the ranch. I was always aware of my health and continued to make those healthy choices where and when it was necessary. Exercising for myself began to fade away when the business of life began to take over, which I think for a lot of us it does. My girls suddenly grew up and left me with that empty feeling of what now?The emotional feelings I experienced were 'normal' everyone would say, but they did not go away and I knew there was more than just normality involved.So the searching began, I read and researched different methods, and yes they all helped, but not to the extent I wanted it to.Dr. Wolfe’s Whole Life Coach & Deep Tissue Therapy has enlightened me.  My body, mind, and soul are now working together achieving that peaceful, emotional, and physical content that so sought after. The course has taught me  how to balance these elements, and what to do if one is not functioning properly. It has given me the tools and knowledge that take charge of my life. I can now move forward to make positive changes, knowing that importance relies on the vibration of frequency.Everything we eat, say & think contributes to how we feel inside and out.  Life Changing!Dr. Wolfe creates a fun, loving and family orientated environment that helps to create a learning experience that will impact your life.  I know it has mine.  Thank you Dr. Wolfe and also to your staff & family.Love you all
Sherry TrenholmWolfe Deep Tissue Therapist & Whole Life Coach
I have been practicing as a Registered Massage Therapist for 32 years. I continue to search for the most effective Deep Tissue Techniques as they achieve the best results for my patients. After taking Dr. Wolfe’s  deep tissue therapy, I found it to be the best technique to penetrate into the deeper layers of the body where scar tissue can be found. With this particular method, the therapist is able to break down the internal scar tissue quickly & effectively, improving conditions associated with decreased range of motion, compromised circulation and referred pain. All of which that contribute to premature aging and considerable discomfort in the body.Dr. Wolfe’s course is very complete, being taught with many years of knowledge and experience in this regard, I can say that it is presented in a clear and concise way.I highly recommend this course for any practitioner who would like to get the very best results for their patients.
Stephen BiolloWolfe Deep Tissue Therapist/RMT

With all the courses and programs out there today, it is truly wonderful to say that after taking the Whole Life Coach & Wolfe Deep Tissue Combined Course, I have changed the way I look and live. I have always battled with pain and weight issues, and now, I see the light at the end of the tunnel for common sense through understanding. By taking baby steps I have learned to succeed, and reassured, the success of your future is possible. This course takes the fear out of failure for the creation of new goals, and it gave me the confidence to be different.“You Can't Help Others Until You Help Yourself.”

-I have become the light of my life for my family.

They see the difference made in the happiness found in my expression and progress in regard to weight change. t’s time, start your baby steps by reading the book “Healthy-to-100,”Do it for you, You deserve it.

Diane PayneWolfe Deep Tissue Therapist & Whole Life Coach

I went to the institute with intending to understand and learn about Whole Life Coaching & Deep Tissue Therapy and I found more than I expected!

I learned that 85% of all illnesses start in the mind and that the actual true culprit is our subconscious-talk about being side kicked!

Needles to say it was eye opening for me. It prodded & pushed me out of my comfort zone into a place that I have come to understand that I was being ruled, living by my subconscious. I have to love myself first, and this, I did not fore see!

Wolfe Deep Tissue Therapy was a complement to the Coaching course!, I must say they go hand in hand. I would recommend these courses to anyone who wants to master their health and attain optimum health at all levels, (or have someone else mastered it for you), be prepared to have your mind renewed as well as your whole body and soul!

The Combined Course is definitely an A+!


Al Daniel

Al DanielWolfe Deep Tissue Therapist & Whole Life Coach
My journey with natural health started many years ago. It was when I realized that my body wasn't responding positively with conventional medicine. I have tried other different 'natural' methods and to some degree have had success. I believe that the value of life and its experiences are meant for purpose and in one way or another have helped me get to where I am today.A friend mentioned the Quest For The Cure online series and Dr. Darrell Wolfe was one of the Doctors interviewed. He talked about his Detox Tea, and I became interested so I ordered some. After using the tea I had questions so I called the number on the flyer I received, and to my surprise Dr. Wolfe answered very graciously in response to all of my questions. "WOW!" I thought, where else would I receive this kind of personal care. I now intended to visit Dr. Wolfe and his clinic as I felt there was much more to learn.Since meeting with Dr. Wolfe in August of 2015 and learning how to heal my body, mind & spirit with a few simple natural everyday methods I have seen amazing results. I would like to share my new competency with others. My next step was to take his Whole Life Coach & Deep Tissue Restoration courses.They were both amazing and they surpassed all of my expectations. I am now certified as a Whole Life Coach & Deep Tissue Restoration Therapist.Dr. Wolfe, Lorie, their staff & my new graduated peers on a personal level has been a positive life changing experience for me.I now know living a healthy & joyful life is not complicated.   I want to help others on their journey and obtain optimum health through joyful living everyday.Life is beautiful and not meant to be full of pain, take charge and own it!Thank-you, God Bless.
Sonja WarnckeWolfe Deep Tissue Therapist & Whole Life Coach