Single & Combined Courses

The New World Practitioner

Fully Accredited by the World Organization of Natural Medicine



Whole Life Coach

Single Course

Whole Life Coach Single Course

How would it feel to empower your clients to create the Perfect Day? This 6 day breakthrough certification has earned the reputation of being the most complete physical & emotional wellness course in healthcare.

Wolfe Deep Tissue

Single Course

Wolfe Deep Tissue Single Course

The most powerful bodywork ever developed. We will teach you to treat the untreatable. There is no other technique that can achieve the results of Wolfe Deep Tissue. Where other treatments have failed, you will succeed.

Wolfe Non-Surgical

Single Course

Wolfe Non-Surgical Course*

Beauty is more than skin deep. This 4 day certification course will teach you the most effective techniques in anti-aging. Give your clients the gift of renewed vitality and ageless beauty. *Wolfe Deep Tissue is a prerequisite.



Complete package

New World Practitioner Package

The New World Practitioner Package is the most complete, effective, whole body healing certification program available today. This package includes Whole Life Coach, Wolfe Deep Tissue, and Nonsurgical Certifications.


Duo Package

Whole Life Coach & Wolfe Deep Tissue

Awaken the power of the mind/body connection. Master your emotions to empower your life with the Whole Life Coach Certification. Free yourself and your clients from pain and stiffness with the Wolfe Deep Tissue Certification.


Duo Package

Wolfe Deep Tissue & Wolfe Non-Surgical

Master your body to master your health with our amazing bodywork techniques. Wolfe Deep Tissue & Non-Surgical will break the bonds of pain, immobility, and stiffness. We will teach you to treat the un-treatable, where other therapies fail.