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Our courses and training are designed to give students & practitioners the most advanced, cutting-edge strategies, tools and techniques in the art of natural healing in an empowering, simplistic way. We offer hands-on training in small groups ensuring individual guidance, care and support at all times. With our breakthrough teachings and ongoing professional support, we have created a foundation that ensures your greatest success on a therapeutic & financial level. Become a New World Practitioner.

*ITIOH is Fully Accredited by the World Organization of Natural Medicine.


Certification Courses

Whole Life Coach, Wolfe Deep Tissue, & Wolfe Non-Surgical Certifications are considered the game changers in health care. Let us complete your dream of becoming a Professional Practitioner or boost your current business with the most comprehensive physical, emotional, and nutritional training available. Join the New World Practitioner movement today, and unlock your greatest potential!

*All certification courses include Brave Heart Online Training


Brave Heart Online Emotional Training

Brave Heart is mind, body, spirit medicine based on unconditional self love and was created to dissolve the invisible bonds that prevent you from achieving your true freedom and unlimited potential. Within 33 Days, expect profound and lasting change. Uncover your authentic self, your true self. Conquer subconscious beliefs, thoughts and limitations and prepare yourself for the greatest adventure of your life!

Personalized Treatment & Training

Come stay with us, come train with us! This training is for singles, couples, caregivers and families of all ages. All treatments and trainings are personally tailored to your individual needs. Discover your true self on a nutritional, emotional and physical level with The Brave Heart Way and The Perfect Day Nutritional Plan. Awaken the unseen healer from within, get treated and trained in Wolfe Deep Tissue Therapy and become the master of your life!