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Welcome to ITIOH

The International Training Institute of Health

The International Training Institute of Health Certifications and Trainings are designed for those committed to living life and practicing health to its full potential. People come from all over the world and from every walk of life to our breakthrough trainings and certifications because what we teach really works.

Our mission at ITIOH is to create a legacy of learning and personal training that will not only impact you, but also the world.

The professional health community along with the general public have come to realize that at the International Training Institute of Health, our powerful principles, skills and techniques are ushering a new shift on how health is being viewed and practiced. We have been treating, teaching and training for over three decades. We promise that you will treasure your training because it will empower your life and the lives of those you guide.

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Certification Courses

Certification Courses


Our certification courses are fun and a life changing experience. They are successful because of our teaching methods. Eighty percent (80%) of success is in the mind and twenty percent (20%) is technique. We do not just teach you how to do it, we teach you why you do it. We are going to train you how to attain your goals in the least amount of time yet accomplishing the biggest results.

Training Courses

Training Courses


We will show you a process to help discover the way that you and others think, feel and why we do what we do in our lives. With our breakthrough training courses we will teach you a new way of treating and caring for yourself and for others. Many are curious how we could have training courses where in a matter of days you can get people where they said it was the greatest experience of their life. Our breakthrough trainings do just that and so much more!


Dr. Darrell Wolfe has 35 years experience in natural medicine and is known as the ‘Doc of Detox’.

Dr. Wolfe’s clinic and retreat are based in Kelowna, BC, Canada, where he treats, teaches and consults patients, locally and globally. Dr. Wolfe has been presented with the ‘Order of Excellence’ Award by The World Organization of Natural Medicine.